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4 important things learned about Transition - Part 4

In Part 1 in thinking about transition, I share a little of my experience of the effect of transition on those around you. In Part 2 I shared something of where transition sits in our lives. Part 3 had me thinking about innovating through change and challenging our mindset towards improvisation. Today I am thinking about who will be our support through the transition.

  1. Connecting on the journey, journeying as you connect

What I have found invaluable in helping me in these times are companions to walk with me through the transition. Make sure you seek out those that will support you with integrity and wisdom throughout major transition times.

It sounds easy, but it has taken me a long time to find the right folks. There are those that just ‘get’ what is going on, and those that don’t. With experience and the right network, I have found it easier to find the right people but it wasn’t always easy. Opening up to the wrong person can at best waste time and emotional energy. Although God can, and does, use all our experiences to build character and perseverance, good companions make for a much better journey.

If you are a church leader thinking about transition in your church, and companions for the journey, why not contact me at and attend our Future Travellers Taster Day on 30th September in Glasgow (details and booking link).

Why not tell us about your experience of change and transition?

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Connecting on the journey, journeying as you connect
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